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September 2022

September 16 : Garden State Wrestling   7:00pm  Roselle, NJ               MORE INFO
September 17 : Pro Wrestling Revolver     8:00pm  Clive, IA                    MORE INFO
September 18 : 
XWA Wrestling                   6:00pm  West Warwick, RI   MORE INFO
September 23 : 
IMPACT Wrestling             7:00pm  Nashville, TN           MORE INFO
September 24 : 
IMPACT Wrestling             7:00pm  Nashville, TN           MORE INFO

October 2022

October 2:    Will Wrestling                           5:00pm Alton, TX                     MORE INFO
October 7     
IMPACT Bound for Glory       8:00pm Albany, NY                 MORE INFO
October 8:    IMPACT Wrestling                   8:00pm Albany, NY                 MORE INFO
October 15 : 
NorthEast Wrestling               7:00pm  Bethany, CT             MORE INFO
October 21:  IMPACT Wrestling                  8:00pm Las Vegas, NV           MORE INFO
October 22:  IMPACT Wrestling                  8:00pm Las Vegas, NY           MORE INFO