IMPACT No Surrender Results

Saturday night February 19, 2022 is a night that IMPACT Wrestling fans will not forget anytime soon. At No Surrender, Honor No More went to battle against Team IMPACT. Earlier in the evening, Impact had lost their "heart and soul" Eddie Edwards as it appeared he was taken out backstage prior to this match. While the team scrambled and continued to accuse Steve Maclin of wrongdoings, Rich Swann said he had found someone and that someone was Willie Mack.

The stage was set once again for a 5 on 5 matchup in the Main Event of the evening. If Honor No More were to win the match as per EVP Scott D'Amore, they would be able to remain in IMPACT Wrestling, however if they were to fall to Team IMPACT, they would be gone forever!


As the battle lines are drawn, Vincent takes a cheap shot at Maclin to jumpstart the match. Rhino and PCO exchange strikes in the middle of the ring with Rhino gaining the upper-hand following a clothesline. The pace quickens as Willie hits King with an explosive dropkick. Maclin hits King with a pinpoint backbreaker. Sabin joins the fray as he and Maclin join forces for tandem offense. Maria provides a distraction from the outside, allowing Taven to capitalize with Just the Tip on Sabin. Moments later, Sabin takes out both Taven and Bennett with a dropkick DDT combo. Swann picks Taven off the top with a head scissors. Honor No More catch Swann in mid-air as Vincent soars with a leg drop to the outside. Taven hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Swann but his partner, Willie Mack, breaks the pin. Swann sidesteps a charging PCO, causing him to crash and burn on the exposed floor.

Rich and Willie join forces for a top rope swinging neckbreaker on Bennett. PCO hits a chokeslam on Maclin, followed by a leg drop from the top rope. King sends Maclin into the referee. King, Sabin, Taven and Swann take to the skies with jaw-dropping aerial offense. PCO hits the De-Animator on Rich and Willie, followed by Red Rum from Vincent. PCO flies once again, hitting the PCO-Sault to the outside. Eddie Edwards hits the ring but in the ultimate betrayal, turns his back on Team IMPACT and attacks them with his kendo stick. King crawls to the pin and the referee count to three, awarding the victory to Honor No More.

Postmatch, Edwards embraces Taven, Bennett and Vincent who all came up together on the NorthEast Wrestling scene as well as spent time together in Ring of Honor Wrestling. The fans in the IMPACT Zone left stunned as their hero committed betrayal in their eyes.

Be sure to tune in this Thursday to catch the fallout and find out more about Honor No More, their future now in IMPACT Wrestling and maybe why Eddie Edwards did what he did.

IMPACT Wrestling airs weekly on AXStv at 8pm eastern and for IMPACT Insiders commercial free on YouTube at 8:30pm Eastern.

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