At Ring of Honor's Honor for All event, The OGK of Matt Taven and Mike Bennett became the two time ROH World Tag Team champions after dethroning Kenny King and Dragon Lee. An emotional battle saw Taven & Bennett hit their Proton Pack finishing move and Taven covered Lee for the pinfall. Through the matchup, we saw constant interference from LFI's patriach, Bestita del Ring.. however Max the Impaler & the former manager of LFI, Amy Rose came to ringside to even the odds. Once things were even, it allowed Taven & Bennett to focus at the matter at hand.

Post match, Matt and Mike sat in the ring as the sounds of Cathedral filled the empty arena. Overcome with emotion they celebrated with another rather than the fans. Taven said through tears. "this place gave me everything and I'll always cherish it. The best wrestling on the planet"

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